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EPA finalizes approval of hydrotreated canola oil under RFS

The U.S. EPA finalized approval Dec. 1 of canola/rapeseed oil for use as renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) feedstock under the Renewable Fuel Standard, allowing hydrotreated fuels made from canola and rapeseed oils to qualify for the program and generate renewable identification number (RIN) credits.

“Based on our [greenhouse-gas (GHG)] lifecycle evaluation described in the [proposed rule], we find that renewable diesel, jet fuel, naphtha, [liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)], and heating oil produced from canola oil via a hydrotreating process all meet the 50 percent GHG reduction threshold,” the agency stated.

Similar to other RFS fuel pathways, renewable diesel, SAF and heating oil produced from canola or rapeseed oil are eligible for D4 biomass-based diesel RINs if they are produced through a hydrotreating process that does not coprocess the renewable feedstock with petroleum. If coprocessing does occur, then the resulting coprocessed renewable diesel, SAF or heating oil is eligible for D5 advanced biofuel RINs, but not D4 biomass-based diesel RINs.

EPA also determined that naphtha and LPG production processed via hydrotreating canola or rapeseed oil also qualify to generate D5 advanced biofuel RINs.

The agency also finalized its proposed definition of “canola/rapeseed oil” as either of the following: (1) Canola oil is oil from the plants Brassica napus, Brassica rapa, Brassica juncea, Sinapis alba, or Sinapis arvensis and which typically contains less than 2 percent erucic acid in the component fatty acids obtained. (2) Rapeseed oil is the oil obtained from the plants Brassica napus, Brassica rapa, or Brassica juncea.

EPA first proposed approving the fuel pathways for hydrotreated canola oil in the spring.

The final rule on hydrotreated canola oil pathways can be accessed here.


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