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Biobased Diesel Daily offers a variety of advertising options to fit any budget, including banner, tower and box ads on the website, newsletter ads, package-deal discounts, schedule discounts and more.


Whether your company is a start-up seeking a foothold in the biobased diesel marketplace with equipment, goods or services, or you're representing a well-established, top-tier brand in the industry whose goal is to retain its position in the market, Biobased Diesel Daily is a smart, targeted, economical and trusted place to showcase your offerings. 

Owned by RonKo Media Productions LLC and founded by publisher and editor Ron Kotrba, Biobased Diesel Daily is committed to editorial excellence with minimal operational expenses. In other words, no executive team with lavish lifestyles to support. No high-pressure salespeople interested only in commissions. No pretense. And very little overhead. Just one man with nearly 20 years of professional writing experience who has dedicated the past 15-plus years to serving the biobased diesel industry.


As former editor in chief of Biodiesel Magazine, Kotrba managed virtually every aspect of the website and print publication, including writing, editing, securing editorial contributions and artwork, developing targeted marketing copy, generating advertisement sales leads, data collection and much more.


Now, he brings this wealth of experience to readers in his very own industry-focused publication, including Biobased Diesel Daily, a news-as-it-happens online forum; Biobased Diesel Weekly, a recap of the week's news paired with fresh opinion pieces and occasional feature articles conveniently packaged in e-newsletter format and delivered to subscribers' email inboxes; and coming in 2021, Biobased Diesel Biannual, a free print journal with fresh, original feature stories and opinion pieces along with top news from the past six months delivered to subscribers' mailboxes twice a year. 

For more information on advertising, including pricing, options, discounts and more, email Ron Kotrba, editor and publisher, at:, or call 218-745-8347

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