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EPA proposes approval of RFS fuel pathways for hydrotreated canola oil

In a long-awaited announcement, the U.S. EPA is proposing to approve Renewable Fuel Standard pathways for hydrotreated canola and/or rapeseed oil in production of renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), heating oil, naphtha and liquified petroleum gas.

The agency has determined that these fuels produced through the hydrotreating of canola oil meet the lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction threshold of 50 percent to qualify as advanced biofuels and biomass-based diesel under RFS, meaning the canola-based fuels reduce GHG emissions by at least 50 percent compared to petroleum diesel fuel.

The agency is providing a 30-day comment period on its GHG analysis of these fuel pathways under RFS once published in the Federal Register.

If approved, canola-based renewable diesel and SAF would be eligible to generate renewable identification number (RIN) credits under the RFS program, including D4 RINs for biomass-based diesel and D5 RINs for advanced biofuels.

The prepublication proposal was signed April 5 but EPA did not post the information on its website until April 12. Click here to view the prepublication notice of proposed rulemaking.

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