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Greenergy completes 2 biodiesel expansion projects in UK, Netherlands

The Greenergy biodiesel plant in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Photo: Greenergy)

Greenergy announced Jan. 18 the successful commissioning of expansion works at two of its biodiesel plants, one at Teesside in the U.K. and the other in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


The works included upgrading the pretreatment-process capability.

This will allow for a wider range of waste oils as feedstocks to be processed into lower-carbon biodiesel that will be used in transport fuels to reduce emissions.


Already a leading European producer of biodiesel from wastes, the upgrade to the Amsterdam plant has increased production capability by 25 percent to meet the rising demands for waste-based biofuels across Europe.


Greenergy first announced the Amsterdam project in August 2022.


The Teesside plant underwent works last year, according to a company spokesperson.


“We are constantly looking at how we can increase efficiency across our own operations,” said Christian Flach, CEO of Greenergy.


“The commissioning of these expansion works in Amsterdam and on Teesside is key to our strategy to support the energy transition through waste-derived fuel products,” Flach added.


Greenergy operates three biodiesel plants—two in the U.K. at Immingham and Teesside and one in Amsterdam, which the company acquired in 2018.


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