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Greenergy upgrades, expands biodiesel feedstock pretreatment in Amsterdam

The Greenergy biodiesel plant in Amsterdam (Photo: Greenergy)

U.K.-based biodiesel producer Greenergy announced Aug. 25 that it is increasing production at its Amsterdam biodiesel manufacturing plant.

A spokesperson for Greenergy told Biobased Diesel Daily that the expansion works are for feedstock pretreatment only.

The pretreatment expansion will be accompanied by upgrading the plant’s pretreatment capabilities, allowing it to treat a wider range of waste oils as feedstock for biodiesel production.

The expansion and upgrade of the facility’s feedstock-pretreatment system will give Greenergy greater optionality and allow the plant to increase its total production output by more than 25 percent.

“This investment strengthens our position as Europe’s largest manufacturer of biodiesel from wastes,” said Greenergy CEO Christian Flach. “As a company focused on the energy transition, we are always looking at how we can further reduce the carbon intensity of our fuel products. This investment will help accelerate the transition and drive real carbon-emissions reduction for road transport.”

Roon van Maanen, the director of energy and circular industry at the Port of Amsterdam, added, “With the energy transition and the circular economy as focal points of our strategy, we are very pleased with the expansion of Greenergy. Port of Amsterdam wants to be a frontrunner in the transition towards a sustainable society. This investment underlines the strong position of the Port of Amsterdam in the production, storage and trade of advanced biofuels.”

Greenergy operates three biodiesel plants—two in the U.K. at Immingham and Teesside and one in Amsterdam, which the company acquired in 2018.

The company says it is Europe’s largest producer of biodiesel from wastes. When asked to confirm the three plants’ overall biodiesel production capacity, the Greenergy spokesperson told Biobased Diesel Daily that while it is against their policy to comment on plant capacities, the company has verified with trade bodies that this is in fact the case.

Greenergy would not disclose which company or companies were providing services for the pretreatment expansion and upgrades.

The project is expected to be complete some time next year.


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