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UK demolition firm achieves carbon-neutral status after switch to renewable diesel

Photo: Rye Group

Rye Group, a leading U.K.-based provider of demolition, remediation and ground and enabling works, has achieved carbon-neutral status after switching from standard red diesel to HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) Green D+ fuel.

Rye Group adheres to its own Sustainable Standard philosophy, which encompasses safety, people, quality, environment and community to ensure all projects are delivered to the highest possible standards, while positively impacting its clients and society as a whole.

As part of this standard, the group pledged in August 2021 to reduce carbon emissions from all site equipment by more than 90 percent within the following two years.

In working closely with national fuel and lubricant provider New Era Fuels, Rye has successfully replaced the use of diesel fuel with HVO within all site plant and machinery, and across its entire fleet of company vehicles.

As result, it has reduced its annual carbon emissions figure from 3,065 metric tons to 135 tons within just 12 months. This represents a reduction of more than 92 percent in just one year, demonstrating what is possible with decisive action.

To obtain carbon-neutral status, Rye Group offset the residual emissions via two Verified Carbon Standard schemes that focus on forest protection in Brazil and Colombia, while addressing 10 of the UN’s 17 sustainable-development goals.

“When we launched our Sustainable Standard framework in 2020, we set out a clear vision to build on our existing recycling and reuse rates and to lead the demolition industry by example,” said Simon Barlow, managing director of Rye Group. “The results of our latest carbon audit are just excellent and showcase what can be achieved with decisive and impactful changes, like the replacement of diesel with HVO fuel. We are delighted to have exceeded our initial emissions-reduction timeframe by 12 months and to have already reached a carbon-neutral status. We will now work hard to maintain this and hope to inspire other industry representatives to make this much-needed and positive change.”

Made of used cooking oil and supplemented with an organic additive, HVO reduces carbon emissions by 90 percent and NOx emissions by 30 percent when compared to diesel.

New Era’s HVO Green D+ was chosen by Rye Group due to the sustainable nature of its production. The fuel is fully certified back to source to International Sustainability and Carbon Certification standards, in line with the Renewable Energy Directive.

The first demolition contractor to roll out HVO across its fleet, Rye Group is at the forefront of the green agenda within the demolition and construction industry.

In May, it was awarded Sustainability Champion at the prestigious National Federation of Demolition Contractors Awards in recognition of its efforts in addressing climate change and taking a proactive approach to reducing carbon emissions.

In November, Rye Group also presented its experience of running carbon audits in demolition at the World Demolition Summit in Vienna, with the aim of encouraging other demolition organizations around the world to pursue a similar path.



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