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Rushcliffe Borough Council in UK rolls out garbage trucks powered by renewable diesel

Photo: Rushcliffe Borough Council

Rushcliffe Borough Council in the U.K. announced June 3 that its new hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) bin lorries that reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by 90 percent have been rolled out across the borough.

The introduction of the converted vehicles, which are powered solely by renewable diesel produced from waste oil, comes as part of the authority’s Carbon Clever project and environmental priority, the council stated.


Twenty-one frontline vehicles are making the switch to HVO power, with a further roll out to some of the smaller vehicles in the overall fleet of 60 across the council’s waste and streetwise functions also set to take place.


They contribute to over 80 percent of the council’s total-fleet emissions and HVO will be used as an alternative and interim option to diesel as the council considers further alternatives in the coming years to be carbon neutral by 2030.


HVO is a diesel-quality fuel, made by the hydroprocessing of oils and fats and is an alternative to the existing standard biodiesel used by the vehicles.


“It will mean reduced [nitrogen]-oxide emissions and its longer-term storage stability make it a complete replacement for the current fuel,” the council stated.


“It has been great to see the successful initial introduction of the new HVO bin lorries as we continue to implement strategies to help reduce their impact on the environment,” said Rob Inglis with the borough council.

“This is an integral part of our journey to become net zero in our own operations by 2030, as HVO offers a good, reliable transitional arrangement that has not affected the day-to-day running of our vehicles,” Inglis added.

“We are continuing to explore electric vehicles and other alternatives as the technology develops, but further work is needed on charging infrastructure and suitability of electric vehicles due to the cost, range and rural nature of parts of our borough,” he said. “Our refuse teams are enjoying using the new vehicles and playing their part in creating a better environment across Rushcliffe.”



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