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Missouri helps fund 11 in-state projects that increase access to higher biodiesel blends

The Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority announced it has invested more than $2 million in projects that increase the distribution and use of higher blends of ethanol and biodiesel in the state of Missouri. Expenses incurred during the construction, installation, upgrade, or retrofit of fuel dispensers/pumps, storage tanks and other infrastructure located in Missouri qualified for partial funding from MASBDA.

A portion of these projects received funds from the USDA’s Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program and matching funds from either the Missouri Corn Merchandising Council or the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council.

“Biofuels are a win-win for Missouri agriculture,” said Jill Wood, executive director of MASBDA. “By partnering with the Missouri Corn Merchandising Council and the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council, MASBDA has been able to leverage federal funds and increase the availability of biofuels in the state. This creates additional demand for two of Missouri’s top commodities, corn and soybeans.”

“Accessibility is key,” said Kyle Durham, chairman of the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. “The farmer wants biodiesel at the pump and wants consumers to have access to it. This investment is one strategic step in getting more sustainable options across the Show-Me State.”

Projects receiving funds to increase the availability of biodiesel blends B6 or higher include:

  • Fuel Marketing Corp., Willow Springs, $14,077.10—computer hardware and software used to increase volume at biodiesel terminals.

  • MFA Oil Co., Columbia, $37,125—purchase and installation of an above-ground heated tank at a fuel distribution facility.

  • Magellan Pipeline Company LP, Tulsa, Oklahoma, $220,000—adding biodiesel storage to a terminal facility in Missouri.

  • Deluxe Truck Stop LLC, St. Joseph, $40,854.55—installation of an underground storage tank and four fuel dispensers at one retail location.

  • Wilmoth Oil Company LLC, Mount Vernon, $250,000—installation of a new biodiesel dispenser and underground B99 tank at a new retail location, and a new storage tank at an existing retail location.

  • River Bend Fuels, Cape Girardeau, $250,000—installation of a new biodiesel pump and above-ground B99 tank for bulk blending.

  • Parson’s Oil Co. LLC, Leadington, $130,089.44—installation of new biodiesel dispensers and an underground storage tank at one retail location.

  • American River Transportation Co. LLC, St. Louis, $250,000—upgrades at a biodiesel terminal to allow for increased throughput.

  • Dash Energy Resources, Peculiar, $88,901—installation of fuel dispensers, underground biodiesel storage tanks and associated hardware for a new fueling station.

  • County of Cole, Jefferson City, $8,708.12—installation of a new biodiesel pump and above-ground storage tank at the county fleet facility.

  • Landes Oil Inc., Jamesport, $95,464.87—installation of an above-ground biodiesel storage tank and blending controller equipment to allow for sales of higher biodiesel blends.

Funding for biofuel infrastructure is provided by contributions made to MASBDA through the purchase of tax credits and through funds made available by the Missouri General Assembly.

For more information on financial assistance offered by the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority, please visit For more information about the Missouri Department of Agriculture and its programs, visit the department online at Agriculture.Mo.Gov.



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