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Iowa governor calls for improved statewide access to B20 biodiesel

Gov. Reynolds

Kicking off the 2022 Iowa legislative session with her Condition of the State address Jan. 11, Gov. Kim Reynolds issued a promising call for passing biofuels legislation this year. Reynolds said she is introducing new legislation that will improve access to both 20 percent biodiesel (B20) and 15 percent ethanol (E15), and upgrade Iowa’s fuel infrastructure to offer higher blends.

“We commend Gov. Reynolds for personally leading the effort in Iowa to pass meaningful legislation that sets us on the path towards using more biodiesel, and at higher blend levels,” said Grant Kimberley, Iowa Biodiesel Board executive director. “Our state already leads the nation in production, and the time has come to be a leader in usage too. The governor proposes that we invest in carbon-capture solutions to sustain and build on our leadership position in renewable energy. We couldn’t agree more. The call for low-carbon fuels will only grow as our nation’s energy supply undergoes an irrevocable shift. Widespread use of higher blends of biodiesel would be positive for Iowa’s economy, environment and rural communities—and would improve the fuel supply overall. As the nation’s top biodiesel producer, we thank Gov. Reynolds for her leadership in keeping Iowa in the forefront of these forward-thinking changes.” Biodiesel is an advanced biofuel made from agricultural byproducts and coproducts, such as soybean oil. The Iowa Biodiesel Board is a state trade association representing the biodiesel industry.



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