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Crown’s 1st-of-its-kind Liquids Pilot Plant fully operational inside Global Innovation Center

Crown's newly opened Liquids Pilot Plant was designed to offer superior oils and fats refining and pretreatment solutions for renewable fuels, biodiesel, edible oil and oleochemical companies. (Photo: Crown)

Crown is opening the doors of its recently completed Liquids Pilot Plant, offering customers access to a state-of-the-art continuous-process environment for testing, validating, scaling and commercializing renewable diesel/hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and biodiesel; edible oils; oleochemicals; and specialty liquid-extraction products.

Photo: Crown

Unique features of the Liquids Pilot Plant include:

  • Crown’s RD Ready™ Pretreatment System that doubles hydrotreater-catalyst life, maximizes contaminant removal, yields the industry’s highest output of pretreated product and guarantees product-quality specifications, regardless of feedstock

  • A Double Shell Packed Column continuous deodorizer, which offers superior performance over tray deodorizers and is the cornerstone of Crown’s MaxEfficiency deodorizing process, accommodating six stock changes per day

  • Fat-splitting technologies allow for variations in feedstock quality and multipurpose distillation column for cleaner biodiesel and fatty acids

  • A full suite of analytical lab testing to demonstrate measurable conformance to the most stringent quality specifications, as well as R&D, training and the ability to conduct real-world testing in a confidential, risk-free environment

“We designed the Liquids Pilot Plant to offer superior oils and fats refining and pretreatment solutions for renewable fuels, biodiesel, edible oil and oleochemical companies,” said Kris Knudson, Crown’s president and general manager. “Combined with our advanced technology, the expertise of our process engineers and the preparation and extraction capabilities of our Global Innovation Center, our new Liquids Pilot Plant makes us a full-solutions provider for the oilseed industry.”

Crown’s experience in the industries that the Liquids Pilot Plant supports include 70-plus years in oilseeds, more than 50 completed biodiesel plants, over 10 renewable diesel plants designed and under construction, and a proprietary database of contaminants and feedstock specs.

To schedule a tour of Crown’s Liquids Pilot Plant and Global Innovation Center, or to request an overview brochure highlighting the Liquids Pilot Plant’s capabilities, contact Harry Certain or Alexander Danelich.

Crown, a division of CPM Holdings Inc., is a 142-year-old global company based in Minnesota with additional offices in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, China, the Netherlands, Germany, Honduras, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine.

Crown currently employs 250 people worldwide.

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