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British Airways, BP collaborate to source sustainable aviation fuel during COP26 summit

British Airways partnered with Airbus to paint one of its most modern, fuel-efficient A320neos in its new sustainability program colors. (Photo: British Airways)

British Airways is collaborating with BP to source sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for its flights between London, Glasgow and Edinburgh during the COP26 climate change summit being held in Glasgow in November. The airline also announced that its customers can purchase SAF to reduce their carbon footprint through its nonprofit organization Pure Leapfrog.

“The collaboration with BP forms part of British Airways’ long-term commitment to the development and use of sustainable aviation fuel,” the company stated. “The airline’s parent company, International Airlines Group, is investing $400 million over the next 20 years into the development of SAF, with British Airways forming partnerships with a number of technology and fuel companies to develop SAF plants and purchase the fuel, including with Velocys in the U.K. and LanzaJet in the U.S. British Airways, as part of an IAG commitment, recently stated it would power 10 percent of its fuel needs with SAF by 2030.”

Sean Doyle, British Airways CEO and chairman, said, “Thanks to our new collaboration with BP, we’re able to source enough sustainable aviation fuel with respect to all our flights between London, Glasgow and Edinburgh during COP26, substantially reducing the emissions associated with taking our customers to and from COP26 … This commitment for COP26 is in addition to the mandatory carbon trading we already operate in the U.K. and our own further voluntary carbon offsetting of our U.K. domestic flights.”

Martin Thomsen, CEO of BP’s aviation division, said the two companies have a longstanding relationship and will continue to work together on SAF supply initiatives on an ongoing basis.

The airline also launched its new sustainability program, BA Better World.

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