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Xfuels plans to produce biodiesel northeast of Calgary, Alberta

Xfuels' Beiseker plant (Photo: Xfuels Inc.)

Xfuels Inc. plans to produce biodiesel in the village of Beiseker in Alberta, Canada, northeast of Calgary. The company says it will purchase and install a continuous biodiesel production system manufactured in Europe capable of processing 2,100 gallons an hour (18 million gallons a year, if run continuously). Xfuels said the process will have the ability to double capacity up to 4,200 gallons an hour (36 mgy).

Inside the Beiseker plant (Photo: Xfuels Inc.)

“With access to our own power production as well as an abundance of oilseed and methanol in the area, it makes sense to produce this product at our site,” said Michael McLaren, CEO for Xfuels. “To further enhance the project, the company will also purchase a blending unit to produce our own B20 biodiesel product to run in the Cycle Energy Services rigs and equipment. Fuel cost is one of the largest expenses when utilizing our equipment for abandonment or workovers and recapturing some of those costs while increasing 20 percent renewable utilization is a win-win for the company.”

The company said it will also integrate its priority grinding and oil extraction using the patented Szego Mill for maximum yield of usable oil, with the spent waste to be used in a retrofitted incinerator to produce gas for power production.



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