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Warner Petroleum joins B20 Club of Indiana as new associate member

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Warner Petroleum fuels the Coloma L. Warner, a tugboat based out of East Chicago, Indiana, with a 20 percent blend of biodiesel. (Photo: Isaac Pennock)

The B20 Club of Indiana recently announced a new organization has joined its efforts to promote cleaner air and a lower carbon footprint through use of biodiesel fuel, a high-performance, cleaner-burning fuel that’s made from soybeans and other renewable feedstocks produced in Indiana.

Warner Petroleum Corp. joins the B20 Club as a supporting organization under the associate-members category.

Associate members are biodiesel producers and marketers who serve Indiana-based customers and are valuable resources for fleet owners and managers interested in fueling with biodiesel.

“We are excited to welcome Warner Petroleum as our latest associate member committed to reducing emissions and enhancing air quality,” said Bailey Arnold, program lead for the B20 Club of Indiana and director of clean-air initiatives for the American Lung Association. “Biodiesel made from soybean oil and other renewable resources produced in Indiana help reduce carbon-dioxide emissions and other harmful pollutants that impact our climate and health.”

Helena Jette, biofuels director for the Indiana Soybean Alliance, added, “Warner Petroleum has built a reputation for dependability, integrity and reliability across the Great Lakes region and will serve as a valuable resource for fleet and vessel operators looking to lower their carbon emissions with biodiesel.”

A second-generation, family-owned company, Warner Petroleum is a direct supplier of biodiesel to merchant-marine fleets on the Great Lakes.

Warner Petroleum offers a comprehensive supply of marine-fuel products and related services through state-of-the-art and strategically located operations across the Great Lakes.

The company understands the potential biodiesel carries, especially in soybean-producing states like Indiana.

Warner Petroleum also fuels the Coloma L. Warner, a tugboat based out of East Chicago, Indiana, with a 20 percent blend of biodiesel.

“We’re thrilled to join the B20 Club of Indiana because we recognize the benefits biodiesel provides for our business and the customers and communities we serve,” said Jason Smith, vice president of marketing and supply for Warner Petroleum. “Biodiesel is making a positive impact on the Great Lakes and in Indiana by providing a drop-in solution that lowers carbon emissions and improves air quality.”

The B20 Club of Indiana is a collaboration between the American Lung Association and the Indiana Soybean Alliance.

It recognizes and supports Indiana fleets committed to using B20 and higher levels of biodiesel.

Biodiesel is produced in Indiana using agricultural byproducts like soybean oil, animal tallow, and distillers corn oil from ethanol production.

It provides measurable health and environmental benefits to Indiana communities.

Click here for more information about the B20 Club of Indiana.



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