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Vopak helps enable Singapore’s 1st ship-to-ship biomethanol-bunkering operation

Photo: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Vopak became a partner in completing Singapore’s first ship-to-ship biomethanol-bunkering operation in late July.

“This is a milestone in Singapore’s maritime-decarbonization journey in the multifueled future,” the company stated.

Vopak's Sakra terminal in Singapore, where insulated tanks stored the biomethanol (Photo: Vopak)

The biomethanol-bunkering operation started from Vopak’s Sakra industrial terminal with a bunker barge transferring biomethanol fuel supplied by OCI Fuel to the world’s first methanol-enabled container vessel owned by Maersk.

“We congratulate Singapore on this important milestone and are proud to be a partner in completing this biomethanol-bunkering operation safely,” said Rob Boudestijn, president of Vopak’s Singapore business unit. “As a reliable infrastructure provider for maritime bunkering over the past 40 years, we look forward to playing a leading role in enabling Singapore’s maritime-decarbonization journey…”

Preparing for product transfer (Photo: Vopak)

Aik Wah Lim, the terminal manager, said, “In Singapore, we have been handling the majority of methanol storage safely for years. Prior to this operation, we conducted a safety analysis with a consultant, and worked closely with the various stakeholders and partners to ensure everything will run smoothly. Our operations team’s experience and knowledge with handling methanol helped to ensure a smooth loading process, giving our partners confidence in Vopak handling biomethanol operations.”

Boudestijn added, “Building on 40 years of experience in Singapore, Vopak has been safely storing and handling critical energy and chemical products for our customers across various industries. For a low-carbon future, we are working towards infrastructure solutions related to hydrogen, ammonia, CO2, biofuels, recycled chemicals as well as solar-redox batteries. As the maritime industry engages in the energy transition, they can leverage on our proven expertise and assets in safely storing and handling ammonia and biofuels such as biomethanol.”

More information on the historic biomethanol-bunkering operation can be found here in a press release from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.


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