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UK opens transition review into biodiesel from Argentina

The U.K. Trade Remedies Authority launched a transition review Oct. 5 into countervailing measures on biodiesel imported from Argentina. 

These measures are among those inherited from the EU system and the TRA is reviewing them to establish whether they are still suitable for the U.K.’s needs. 

At present, the duty payable on imports of biodiesel from Argentina ranges from 25 percent to 33.4 percent.

The products in scope of this review are “fatty-acid mono-alkyl esters or paraffinic gas oils obtained from synthesis or hydrotreatment, of nonfossil origin, in pure form or as included in a blend”—commonly known as biodiesel (FAME) or renewable diesel (HVO). 

In 2022, U.K. biodiesel consumption was nearly 1.79 billion liters (472.6 million gallons), of which 97 percent was used for road transport—biodiesel can be blended with mineral diesel for use as road fuel.

The period of investigation for this transition review will be Oct. 1, 2022, through Sept. 30, 2023, and the injury period will be Oct. 1, 2019, through Sept. 30, 2023. 

Businesses that may be affected by this review, such as importers or exporters of the products or U.K. producers of similar products, can contribute to the review process by registering their interest in the case on the TRA’s online case platform by Oct. 23.

All new developments in the case will be posted on the TRA’s public file. 

The TRA is the U.K. body that investigates whether trade-remedy measures are needed to counter unfair import practices and unforeseen surges of imports. Trade remedies are usually applied at the border as a duty on imports.

Trade-remedy investigations were carried out by the EU Commission on the U.K.’s behalf until the U.K. left the EU.

Over 40 EU trade-remedy measures of interest to U.K. producers were transitioned into U.K. law when the U.K. left the EU, and TRA is currently reviewing each one to check if it is suitable for U.K. needs.

Countervailing, or subsidy, duties counteract imports being subsidized by their place of origin that cause material injury to a domestic industry. 

The U.K. government accepted in November 2022 the TRA’s recommendation that measures on imports of FAME biodiesel from the U.S. and Canada be kept at their current levels for five years from Jan. 30, 2021, but that tariffs on imports of renewable diesel be removed.


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