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Tecnimont, NextChem start up green-hydrogen plant for India’s state-owned gas utility GAIL

Maire announced July 10 that its subsidiaries Tecnimont Pte Ltd., the Indian subsidiary of Tecnimont, and NextChem have inaugurated the first green-hydrogen production plant for their client—the state-owned gas utility GAIL (India) Ltd.—at Vijaipur, Madhya Pradesh, India. 


The project, awarded in May 2022 and implemented by Tecnimont Pte Ltd. in collaboration with NextChem, marks a significant step towards low-carbon energy solutions in India, Maire stated.



The facility will produce 4.3 tons per day of green hydrogen via a 10-megawatt electrolysis unit, making GAIL the first company to start megawatt-scale operations for the production of green hydrogen.



The GAIL Vijaipur plant aligns with India’s Hydrogen Mission of achieving at least 5 million tons of annual green-hydrogen production capacity by 2030.



India aims to become energy independent by 2047 and to achieve net zero by 2070.



Green hydrogen is considered a strategic enabler of the energy transition: in fact, it can be utilized for long-duration storage of renewable energy, replacement of fossil fuels in industry, clean transportation, and potentially also for decentralized power generation, aviation and marine transport.



Vijaipur Green Hydrogen will be NextChem’s reference plant to pursue additional energy-transition prospects in India.



“We are extremely proud for this achievement, which best positions Maire in India for prospects in the energy-transition space, having contributed to the implementation of the largest green-hydrogen plant in the country,” said Maire Group CEO Alessandro Bernini.

“Our strong presence in India counting on over 3,000 people, makes the group at the forefront in proposing sustainable solutions for the national industry,” Bernini added.



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