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  • Chaitanya “Chatty” Sakhalkar

Sustainable Process-Pumping Technology

Photo: Teikoku USA Inc.

Sealless process centrifugal pumps featuring canned-motor technology will play a pivotal role in building out the biobased diesel sector and beyond.

When considering process centrifugal pump options for production of renewable biofuels such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel, green crude, biodiesel, ethanol and bio-finished chemicals, plant owners and operators are increasingly specifying sealless centrifugal pumps to transfer, circulate and boost process refining and feedstock production liquids. Sealless centrifugal pumps offer a unique combination of operating-risk mitigation and process-safety management (PSM) benefits to users.

Because sealless centrifugal pumps, by design, simply cannot leak or generate emissions into the environment, use of this technology provides baseline process-equipment selection and operation that immediately meets manufacturing-company goals and standards for ongoing sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and combating climate change.

With global goals for production of clean, renewable fuels by 2030 and beyond far exceeding industry production capacity, sealless centrifugal process pumps will play an instrumental role in every new production and feedstock technology to be employed by providing emission-free operation.

Of the two types of sealless process centrifugal pumps, canned-motor and magnetically coupled canned-motor pumps offer the ultimate in best-practice sustainability, environmental performance, long-term reliability, containment control and regulatory compliance. Standard production includes secondary containment and control, which assures that no process liquid can escape into the environment—even in the event of a catastrophic mechanical or electrical failure. These currently manufactured and available pumps offer the industry a wide range of hydraulic and double-containment solutions that enable users to minimize risk and enhance plant safety. At the same time, they provide a lower long-term cost of operation through increased reliability. Products are available up to 600 kilowatts (805 horsepower) with capacities to 2,400 cubic meters per hour (10,000 gallons per minute), heads to 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) and containment pressures up to 35 megapascals (5,000 pounds per square inch). These limits far exceed current industry requirements.

A variety of features and enhancements are available that provide the opportunity to monitor critical operating parameters required for the handing of volatile, toxic and environmentally sensitive liquids and minimize maintenance exposure. These include:

  • Rotating element position and bearing-wear monitors with control outputs

  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) capability for enhanced process control

  • Secondary containment leak monitors

  • Elimination of alignment

  • Underwriters certification for hazardous-area classifications

  • Versatile and space-saving mounting arrangements with small footprints

  • Full compliance to industry design standards such as API, ISO and ASME/ANSI

  • High-temperature motor-insulation systems that eliminate cooling-water needs

  • API 685 Annex D and ASME/ANSI B73.3 circulation systems to meet all fluid characteristics

For biorefiners and clean, renewable fuel producers, canned-motor pump designs that meet the rigorous standards of API 685 are available to assure safe, reliable and documented operation in critical services. API enhancements to standard designs are offered to the level required by users or governed by plant-operating standards. All API solutions are available with manufacturer field support and considerable expertise in canned-motor pump operation. With 60-plus years of design and successful field experience, canned-motor pump manufacturers can assist plant-operating personnel and process-design engineers in applying canned-motor pump technology for increased plant safety, operating reliability and return on investment.

The global Teikoku Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of sealless, emission-free, canned motor process centrifugal pumps. With manufacturing and design capability in the U.S., China and Japan, and subsidiary offices and service centers located in major markets worldwide, Teikoku is positioned to exceed user expectations in both production and support of its pumping technology.

Author: Chaitanya “Chatty” Sakhalkar

National Sales Manager, Teikoku USA Inc.


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