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Stena Oil supplies B25 marine biofuel to Dalaro Shipping

Photo: Stena Oil

Stena Oil announced that it carried out a biofuel bunkering Oct. 26 to Dalaro Shipping’s vessel Oslo Wave 3, a cargo vessel of 17,485 deadweight tonnage (DWT).

Founded in 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden, Dalaro Shipping AB is a top logistics choice for Swedish and Finnish forest industries, specializing in sawn-timber transport to Northern Africa.

The bunkered B25 fuel is composed of 25 percent biodiesel made from rapeseed oil and 75 percent marine gasoil.

Stena Oil said it recognizes the growing significance of sustainability within the shipping industry, particularly considering tightening emission regulations.

Providing a wide variety of alternative fuels is therefore a significant aspect for the company and its customers, according to Stena Oil.

“Dalaro is, together with our head owner Oslo Bulk, very focused on reducing our greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions,” said Nils Östman, head of operations at Dalaro Shipping.

“The usage of biofuel and other types of alternatives to conventional bunker fuels heralds a crucial step toward a sustainable maritime future where vessels can navigate with a much lower carbon footprint,” Östman continued. “Conducting this biofuel trial is one of several important steps Dalaro is taking to prepare our vessels for the future.”

Jenny Eriksson, a bunker trader at Stena Oil, added, “As sustainability concerns gain momentum within the shipping sector and emissions regulations become more stringent, the necessity of diversifying fuel alternatives beyond traditional selections takes on added significance. Consequently, we anticipate a steady growth in the biofuels market.”

Biofuel is just one aspect of Stena Oil’s diverse alternative-fuel solutions, the company stated.

“We aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive range to meet both their fuel and sustainability needs,” Stena Oil said.



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