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SMA Mineral partners with Infinium to advance eFuels project in Norway

Photo: SMA Mineral

Infinium announced May 10 it has reached an agreement with SMA Mineral that will advance the development of Infinium’s eFuels project at the Mo Industripark in Mo i Rana, Norway.


The Infinium facility will utilize the carbon dioxide (CO2) that SMA will produce at its zero-emission quicklime (ZEQL) manufacturing facility in the industrial park as a feedstock for the production of eFuels.


Infinium uses waste CO2 and renewable power to produce eFuels products including its sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), Infinium eSAF.


Infinium eFuels can be used in existing engines and traditional infrastructure with no modifications, providing a market-ready alternative to petroleum-based products.


The use of eFuels aids in the decarbonization of heavy industries by reducing greenhouse-gas emissions through a circular approach to CO2 utilization.


“eFuels are the most versatile and effective solution for decarbonizing transportation, particularly aviation, and Infinium is proud to spearhead the commercial development of eFuels in the Americas and Europe,” said Infinium CEO Robert Schuetzle.

“Our partnership with SMA will help us realize our vision of a carbon-neutral future,” Schuetzle added. “The project has the potential to grow and exemplifies our commitment to supporting sustainable mobility.”


SMA's ZEQL process electrifies lime burning using renewable power and extracts a pure stream of CO2 and therefore does not require an additional carbon-capture unit.


This new process has a higher degree of stone usage, extending the lifespan of lime resources in a quarry and producing CO2-neutral lime that can help to decarbonize the steel industry.


“Through our expertise in novel, sustainable quicklime production and our agreement with Infinium, SMA is poised to play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint of multiple sectors that are critical to the European economy,” said Svante Fielding, CEO of SMA.

“Together with Infinium, we will help catalyze financial growth in the region, foster employment opportunities, drive technological innovation, and further position Mo i Rana as a strategic hub for industries that propel us toward a more sustainable world,” Fielding said.


Infinium operates what it says is the world’s first commercial-scale eFuels facility in Corpus Christi, Texas, and has more than a dozen global projects in development worldwide.



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