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SkyNRG launches Project Runway to increase access to SAF with Microsoft as founding member

Photo: SkyNRG

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) company SkyNRG announced June 5 that it is launching Project Runway.


The initiative brings together airlines and corporates to provide easy access to SAF.


The project will support airlines in navigating the complexities of SAF procurement and provide an effective way to reduce their greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions.


“Project Runway is grounded in the belief that involving more stakeholders across the industry is vital for the development, resilience and scaling of the market,” SkyNRG stated.


Microsoft joining as a founding member builds upon the longstanding relationship between the two companies.


Under the book-and-claim approach, Project Runway not only allows airlines access to SAF, but also allows them to share the SAF price premium with ambitious corporates aiming to reduce their own scope 3 aviation emissions.


“With SkyNRG providing highly sustainable SAF and founding project member Microsoft acting as the initial scope 3 SAF claims buyer, airlines can be confident in proceeding on their SAF journey,” SkyNRG stated.


Through Project Runway, airlines can adopt a robust SAF strategy, overcome complexities of early SAF procurement and take action with confidence, the company said.


SkyNRG added that its extensive experience and the use of book and claim make it easy to purchase SAF.


This project enables airlines to access all the resources and information they need to reach their voluntary SAF goals ahead of any future obligations.


SkyNRG said it sees the need for a shift to a broader adoption of SAF strategies and believes access to and expansion of capacity go hand in hand.


Project Runway, according to SkyNRG, provides a programmatic approach to further broaden and diversify the SAF market, and the addition of new players will support the adoption of recently set book-and-claim registries and shape the development of accounting frameworks.


SkyNRG added that it is committed to providing education and support where needed, as well as acting as a trustworthy partner and advisor.


“Project Runway will enable a global SAF-market transformation that we see as essential to decarbonizing air travel,” said Julia Fidler with Microsoft. “Microsoft is proud to add this important SAF initiative to its portfolio of support, and thanks to their proven sustainability leadership, creativity and credibility, SkyNRG is the ideal host for on this project.”


Theye Veen, the chief commercial officer of SkyNRG, added, “Project Runway continues SkyNRG’s track record of market-leading initiatives and takes the next step towards building up SAF capacity for aviation to meet its 2050 net-zero commitment. In collaboration with Microsoft, we’re offering the opportunity for airlines to access reliable guidance, more sustainable fuels and shared costs, ensuring their SAF journey takes off with a strong tailwind.”



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