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Sinclair to commission pretreatment unit at Wyoming renewable diesel plant in 2022

Applied Research Associates Inc. announced Dec. 7 the licensing of its patented Hydrothermal Cleanup feedstock pretreatment technology to Sinclair Wyoming Refining Co. for the development of a 7,500-barrel-per-day (more than 100 million gallons a year) renewable feedstock pretreatment unit at Sinclair’s renewable diesel refinery in Sinclair, Wyoming.

Sinclair, a leader in renewable diesel production since 2018, will use its HCU Pretreat unit to expand its feedstock slate to include lower-cost, lower carbon-intensity feedstocks that can then be processed in its existing renewable diesel facility.

“Our ARA team is proud to license our cutting-edge HCU Pretreat technology to Sinclair for their pretreatment project,” said Chuck Red, vice president and director of ARA’s Better Fuels Group. “HCU Pretreat offers a simple, novel approach to efficiently remove phosphorus, metals, and other contaminants from fat, oil and grease feedstocks, and we look forward to helping Sinclair implement it to enhance its operations in Wyoming.”

Detailed design of its HCU Pretreat project has been completed and Sinclair has initiated construction of the facility. The HCU Pretreat unit is expected to be commissioned in 2022.



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