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SCB Group voted best commodity, energy broker for 3rd consecutive year

SCB Group, a world-leading, low carbon commodity company, announced April 19 that for the third consecutive year it was voted the Best Overall Commodity Broker and Best Overall Energy Broker in the 2022 Energy Risk Awards by its clients and partners.

Apart from the overall brokerage awards, SCB regained its first place as broker in Ethanol & Biodiesel and Second-generation Biofuels. Additionally, SCB maintained its first place in Agricultural Grains and Vegetable Oils, as well as EU Emissions Trading. SCB awards for 2022 include:

  • Best Overall Energy Broker

  • Best Overall Commodities Broker

  • Ethanol & Biodiesel (first generation)

  • Second-generation (advanced) Biofuels

  • Agricultural Commodities—Grains

  • Agricultural Commodities—Vegetable Oils

  • EU Emissions Trading

“We couldn’t be prouder of being voted for a third time Best Commodity Broker and Best Energy Broker of the year,” said Kevin McGeeney, the CEO of SCB Group. “Regaining first place in the biofuels market is a major accomplishment that we owe to the support and loyalty of our clients and partners.”



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