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ScanOcean launches 30% HVO marine biofuel, partners with Lakeway Link on 15% blend

Photo: Lakeway Link AB

ScanOcean AB announced May 22 the launch of B30-DMA, which contains 30 percent hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), also known as renewable diesel, blended with low-sulfur marine gas oil.


The company said its B30-DMA is available for delivery by truck at any Swedish port.


“B30-DMA represents a significant step forward in the maritime industry’s journey towards greater sustainability,” ScanOcean AB stated.


In addition, Lakeway Link AB announced May 24 a new partnership with ScanOcean AB for B15-DMA, a low-sulfur marine gas oil blended with 15 percent renewable content, for Lakeway Link’s new roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) service connecting Södertälje, Sweden, and Gdynia, Poland.


Under the agreement, ScanOcean will supply the B15-DMA fuel, meeting the stringent ISO 8217 compatibility standards and boasting ISCC-EU certification.


These fuels not only support the reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions, as mandated by the EU Emissions Trading System obligations, but also significantly improves the carbon-intensity indicator (CII) and clean-shipping index (CSI) scores for vessels.


The fuels are also compatible toward the upcoming FuelEU maritime regulations. 


Deliveries of B15-DMA will be made in Södertälje, Sweden, to the M/S Lakeway Express.


Both companies said this partnership underscores their commitment to environmental sustainability that goes beyond compliance. 


“Our decision to partner with ScanOcean AB and begin using B15-DMA fuel is a pivotal step in our journey towards reducing our environmental impact,” said Fredrik Hermansson, CEO of Lakeway Link AB.


“This initiative not only aligns with our sustainability goals but also sets a new standard in the maritime industry for environmental responsibility,” Hermansson added.


Jonatan Karlström, the managing director of ScanOcean AB, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Lakeway Link AB as they embark on their new RoRo service. This collaboration is not just a business milestone but a significant leap forward in our mission to provide sustainable fuel solutions. With our new product offerings, we are dedicated to leading the charge towards a greener maritime industry.” 



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