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Sapp Bros. opens new biodiesel-blending facility in Roca, Nebraska

Photo: Sapp Bros.

Sapp Bros. has opened a new biodiesel-blending facility at 1700 Saltillo Road in Roca, Nebraska.

The company celebrated with an open house June 15.

With biodiesel blends available year-round, this facility provides new opportunities for fuel distributors and boosts the local economy by supporting Nebraska soybean farmers.

“Biodiesel is a high-quality, high-performance fuel made from the oil in soybeans grown right here in Nebraska,” Sapp Bros. stated.

Biodiesel helps the environment, the farming economy and is better for equipment.

It is made from plant-based oils, used cooking oil and animals fats.

Biodiesel is clean burning and can be used in any diesel engine without modification.

It is less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as fast as sugar.

Biodiesel has undergone health-effects testing required by the Clean Air Act.

Results show that biodiesel poses significantly lower risk to human health over petroleum diesel.

“Biodiesel use supports Nebraska’s economy and local communities, and Sapp Bros. believes in providing biodiesel blends for Nebraska retails, fleets, farmers and other diesel users,” said Andy Richard, CEO of Sapp Bros.

Biodiesel boosts revenue for Nebraska’s farmers as using soybean-oil feedstock for biofuels adds significant value per bushel to soybeans.

Biodiesel producers are a vital part of a manufacturing sector that adds substantial value to agricultural commodities and has a significant economic impact.

Sapp Bros. noted that it is a leading expert in blending and storing biofuels.

“Since our inception in Peru, Illinois, we have gained knowledge and expertise that has allowed us to invest in the infrastructure of three bio terminals in the state of Iowa,” the company stated. “Partnering with the various state soybean boards and other like-minded petroleum jobbers has also enabled Sapp Bros. to install other infrastructure across the state of Nebraska as well as a location in Kansas, which provides everyone the chance to blend bio in their fuel if they choose to do so.”



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