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SAF+ Consortium, eFuel Alliance join forces to promote eSAF

The SAF+ Consortium and the eFuel Alliance are cooperating on the ramp-up of climate-neutral electro-sustainable aviation fuel (eSAF).

Greater cooperation among members of the two organizations aims to leverage their respective efforts, strengthen connections and deliver a unified and global message about the many benefits of eSAF.

“The global aviation sector is facing a huge transformation,” said Ralf Diemer, the managing director of the eFuel Alliance. “As a sector that is difficult to electrify, there is no alternative to the use of liquid energy sources in aviation. A rapid ramp-up of renewable fuels is imperative, especially in this sector. At the same time, global competition in aviation requires global solutions. There are few regulations in place around the world that will drive aviation to use synthetic aviation fuels in the long term. In addition, regional or national regulatory solutions do not necessarily help the sector globally. Despite the need for a proper regulatory framework that enables the production and use of eFuels, fuel producers, aircraft manufacturers, airport operators and airlines are called upon to move forward the sector towards climate neutrality in an autonomous and ambitious manner. The SAF+ Consortium and eFuel Alliance show that self-initiative is a viable and goal-oriented way forward.”

The SAF+ Consortium, a Canadian developer of eSAF project infrastructure, said it provides best-in-class technology integration to deliver a sustainable and exceptional commercially ready solution for the decarbonization of the aviation sector.

The consortium includes partners such as Airbus, Pratt & Whitney, Air Transat, Air France-KLM Group, eFuel Alliance, Aéroports de Montréal and Aéro Montréal.

The eFuel Alliance is a major platform for eFuel producers and the potential users of eFuels, including the aviation sector.

The alliance provides support to initiatives like the SAF+ Consortium in addition to its work on the regulatory front.

The major goal is to ramp up the production capacity of eFuels to give the aviation sector the tools to organize its pathway to a net-zero future.

“eSAF is an immediate and effective option available to industry players to achieve zero emissions by 2050,” said Jean Paquin, president and CEO of the SAF+ Consortium. “We are proud to bring together a coalition of prominent international players from across the aviation value chain to provide the industry with a sustainable commercial solution for low-carbon aviation that is compatible with existing infrastructure and ready for deployment. With an initial state-of-the-art pilot plant in Montreal, the consortium is rapidly expanding internationally to meet growing demand and help accelerate the transition to sustainable aviation.”

Diemer added, “Our SAF+ Consortium’s colleagues have a similar approach to ours. As a conglomerate of several companies along the synthetic aviation fuel value chain, the member companies combine their particular interests and strengths to create an optimal platform to accelerate the introduction of sustainable aviation fuels in North America. Our future joint actions should serve as an example and encourage companies around the world to join us in positioning themselves as early as possible for net-zero 2050.”

An ambitious ramp-up of eSAF will also have a positive impact on the transformation of other transport applications as such projects benefit from the commercial momentum to transition to low-carbon alternative fuels and complimentary infrastructure.


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