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RW Beckett Corp.’s CleanCut™ Fuel Pumps receive UL listing for B100 use

Photo: R.W. Beckett Corp.

R.W. Beckett Corp. announced Sept. 25 the company is now shipping all Beckett® CleanCut™ Fuel Pumps with full Underwriters Laboratory listing for use with biodiesel blends up to 100 percent (B100).

The company said the move is another milestone in support of the heating-oil industry’s drive to carbon neutrality.

It follows the equipment manufacturer’s recent announcement regarding the Beckett® AF/AFG Oil and Renewable Fuels Burner as the industry’s first, and still only, B100 UL-listed burner.

The B100 UL listing further establishes R.W. Beckett as the leader in carbon-reduction solutions for the industry, it stated, and is consistent with the company’s alignment with the Providence Resolution adopted by the liquid-fuel heating industry in 2019.

“Beckett® and our Tank-to-Flame™ System of B100 BioFuel components continue to be the fastest carbon-reduction solution for providing safe, reliable and affordable heat,” said Kevin Beckett, president and CEO.

“We continue to expand our efforts to allow appliance manufacturers and liquid-fuel dealers to provide UL-listed, sustainable heating solutions to their customers today,” Beckett continued.

“Combined with our AF/AFG Oil and Renewable Fuels Burner and the innovative GeniSys® 7565 120V Advanced Oil Burner Control designed to provide unparalleled diagnostics, our CleanCut™ Fuel Pumps deliver a viable solution to positively impact today’s ongoing legislative activities in support of our industry’s future.”

The Beckett family of CleanCut® pumps was developed to combine the benefits of solenoid valve control of fuel to the nozzle and the superior lift capabilities of traditional American pumps.

The CleanCut pump has established a reputation as a rugged and reliable component for modern heating systems, according to Beckett.

Now UL-listed for fuels up to 100 percent biodiesel, the CleanCut pump continues to “set the standard of the industry,” the company stated.

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