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RW Beckett Corp. launches B100-compatible oilheat burners

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Photo: R.W. Beckett Corp.

Kevin Beckett, CEO and president of R.W. Beckett Corp., announced Jan. 24 at the Clean Fuels Conference that, next week, the company will manufacture the first production run of oilheat burners with B100-compliant components.

The B100-compliant burners will come with the company’s full warranty.

This supports R.W. Beckett’s alignment with the Providence Resolution adopted by the liquid fuel heating industry in 2019 to reduce industry emissions to net zero by 2050, achieved primarily through adoption of biodiesel and renewable diesel industry wide.

“This product introduction positions R.W. Beckett as the leader in carbon-neutral solutions for the industry and we are very excited to expand our efforts to bring Tank-to-Flame™ renewable fuel products to our dealers and their customers,” the company stated.


“We believe we can be the fastest carbon-reduction solution for the Northeast while providing safe, reliable and affordable heat,” Kevin Beckett said. “We led the industry with the launch of the first residential B20 burners—the same models that have now become the first B100- and R100-compatible burners.”

The AF and AFG burners as well as the new GeniSys® 7565 Advanced Burner Control are designed to support B100 and offer industry-leading diagnostics along with the rest of R.W. Beckett’s biofuel-ready Tank-To-Flame™ technology.

Beckett models AF and AFG burners are designed to meet the increased demands of modern equipment and changing fuels to address both performance and carbon-reduction challenges.

Beckett burners utilize the most technologically advanced components available today and are compliant with renewable fuels to 100 percent biodiesel (B100) and 100 percent renewable diesel (R100) to give consumers reliable performance while reducing the carbon footprint of heating systems.

The AF and AFG burners have been supplied on original-equipment boilers, furnaces and water heaters for many years. As technology has improved, so have Beckett’s burners and components.

If a burner is more than 10 years old, a new AF/AFG chassis is a simple way to upgrade the system. Installation by a service company is uncomplicated and a new burner comes with a five-year factory warranty.



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