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REG, Bunker Holding partner to advance biodiesel use in marine markets

Bunker Holding’s physical bunker subsidiary, Bunker One, ran in 2021 a test run on the M/T Amak Swan, operating the tanker on a B30 biofuel blend, which consists of a second-generation bio feedstock. By entering this new partnership with Renewable Energy Group, Bunker Holding is able to offer customers an even wider range of capable products, guaranteed by in-house testing. (Photo: Business Wire)

Bunker Holding Group, the world’s largest supplier and trader of marine fuels, and Renewable Energy Group Inc., a leading global producer and supplier of renewable fuels, have entered into a strategic global collaboration agreement to further develop the U.S. and EU marine markets for sustainable biobased diesel.

Partnering REG’s expertise in biobased diesel with Bunker Holding’s global reach will allow the companies to play a critical role in transitioning the shipping industry to new and more sustainable energy sources. This collaboration agreement is initially focused on opportunities in North America and Europe, where trials of B20 and B30 are being run in high-traffic regions of both continents.

For REG, this agreement continues its efforts to expand product offerings with further reach into the approximately 70-billion-gallon (230-million-metric-ton) global marine market and is a clear signal of the company’s mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. REG biodiesel is the clean fuel option for many sectors, including on-road transportation, marine and rail, and can help companies reach sustainability targets without any major equipment modifications or technology investments.

“At Renewable Energy Group we see clearly the opportunity for biodiesel to be a sustainable fuel option of choice for customers in the clean energy transition,” said Bob Kenyon, senior vice president of sales and marketing at REG. “Partnering with Bunker Holding will accelerate the marine industry adoption of biodiesel to achieve aggressive carbon reduction goals. Our renewable fuels and customer service are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions today and offer a plug-and-play solution for the current shipping infrastructure. We look forward to further developing our relationship with Bunker Holding and supporting the shipping industry’s decarbonization movement.”

With this partnership, Bunker Holding takes yet another step forward in continuing its mission of delivering responsible and innovative solutions in all aspects of bunkering. REG will work closely with Bunker Holding to expand its existing alternative-fuel portfolio and offer sustainable fuels on a global scale to create significant value for the industry.

“As conventional fossil fuel continues to power most of the world’s marine fleet, we are thrilled to engage in this collaboration with REG,” said Christoffer Berg Lassen, chief commercial officer at Bunker Holding. “It not only further strengthens our supply chain of alternative fuel, but also deepens our know-how and insight of biofuels. Engaging in partnerships with actors from value chains outside our normal boundaries is a cornerstone of our decarbonization strategy. The energy transition in shipping cannot be solved individually, and we acknowledge the importance of working closely together with partners, such as REG, who bring great expertise and complements our core capabilities within bunkering.”

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