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Refuelling Solutions delivers 2nd shipment of B100 biodiesel to Australian Agave’s Spirit Farm in Queensland

Photo: Australian Agave

Australia-based Refuelling Solutions announced March 28 that it has made a second delivery of 100 percent biodiesel (B100) to Australian Agave’s Spirit Farm, a North Queensland distillery, making a difference to the environment and the world of Aussie spirits.


Australian Agave’s Spirit Farm is located 20 degrees south of the equator between Bowen and Airlie Beach in Queensland and is on the doorstep of one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef.


The farm location mirrors Mexico’s Jalisco, located 20 degrees north, making the region ideal for growing agave to be distilled into an Australian spirit that will “challenge the world’s best,” Refuelling Solutions said.


Refuelling Solutions added that its commitment to a cleaner environment, with the supply of Australian B100—a clean-burning renewable fuel—has been recognized by Australian Agave’s unique business and its passion to make a difference.


“Strange buddies you might think,” the company stated. “However, with dedication and foresight these two companies go hand in hand. Both have the spirit to make a difference.”


In September 2023, the first load of B100 was successfully supplied to Australian Agave’s aboveground tank.


Australian Agave’s goal is to have a distillery powered by renewable energy that will form part of its broader sustainable-energy ambitions.


This is where Refuelling Solutions comes into action, together with Echo Tech Biodiesel Pty Ltd. and the supply of B100 into Refuelling Solutions/iFUEL T68 tank installed on site. 


“Refuelling Solutions and our renewables team has been on a long journey over the years, and through entrepreneurs such as Australian Agave and the commitment to a sustainable future, we are witnessing a dramatic shift in thinking,” Refuelling Solutions stated. “We congratulate the actions of those who are prepared to think and act to achieve zero carbon by 2050.”



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