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Reformed Energy plans to build Texas waste-to-fuels plant

Reformed Energy Inc., a Texas corporation, announced in May that it has completed the acquisition of certain intellectual property for a unique plasma-gasification technology essential to the development of its first waste-to-energy plant in the greater Houston, Texas, area.

Reformed Energy’s plasma gasifier is capable of processing various waste streams, including landfill municipal solid waste (MSW), tires, wood, waste coal and hazardous materials, among others.

The gasifier converts the waste into synthesis gas (syngas) that can be used for various downstream value-add applications.

The Reformed Energy team has launched a growth-capital raise, the proceeds of which will be used to facilitate the fabrication of its initial plasma gasifiers and acquire the ancillary equipment to begin operations on its pilot site, a 14-acre plot located in southwest Houston.

Once the company has finished development of the first site, it expects it to produce 1 million-plus gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and 500,000 gallons of green diesel annually, as well as low-cost power from various waste inputs.

The pilot plant will also serve as a training and demonstration center for entities that seek to leverage Reformed Energy’s plasma-gasification technology.

Reformed Energy said its subsequent sites will scale exponentially, with a second project already identified for the company to increase its annual SAF production by 13 million gallons, along with producing 40 megawatts of continuous power.

“Our company leverages the latest plasma-gasification technology to tap stranded energy assets from waste streams,” said Reformed Energy CEO Edward Evenson. “This technology provides a unique opportunity to salvage the inefficiencies of past generations, while creating abundant energy for posterity.”

Evenson added that, while the company’s initial focus is in the U.S., it is eager to work with partners abroad to expand this solution to tackle landfills and other waste streams on a global scale.

“Besides the obvious potential for revolutionizing waste management, our technology has significant implications in the fields of synthetic-fuel production, distributed-power generation, and methane-emissions reduction,” said Bill Smith, Reformed Energy’s head of technology and site development.

Reformed Energy is targeting closing the fundraise by end of June and commencing the build-out shortly thereafter.

Reformed Energy anticipates the completion of the development of the first phase of the Houston-area site and start of its initial operations by first quarter of next year.


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