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Preem to reduce emissions, minimize shipping costs with Seaber

Photo: Peter Cornelisen, a global maritime-technology company headquartered in Finland, announced April 17 that Preem—Sweden’s largest fuel company—has taken Seaber into use.


With Seaber’s schedule-optimization software, Preem aims to reduce emissions and increase the utilization rate of vessels transporting its cargo.


The SaaS application is designed for both shipowners and cargo owners allowing them to optimize efficiencies, save time and money, and deliver transparency throughout the organization. 

The Preem and Seaber teams. From left, Anders Lindberg, Amanda Aho Vanhatapio, George Waller, Arto Viitanen, Petter Wennerström, Markus Ekegren, Per Ekström and Sebastian Sjöberg. (Photo: Seaber)

Preem’s mission is to prevent and minimize emissions, and to achieve an effective use of resources and energy throughout the value chain.


The company’s vision is to lead the transition towards a sustainable society. 

Preem has production facilities in Lysekil and Gothenburg and ships its products to international clients and markets.


Preem’s seaborne logistics consists of time-chartered (TC) vessels, contract of affreightment (COA) and spot contracts.


Annually, Preem schedules and executes more than 1,000 voyages, predominantly carrying various feedstock and refined products.  

“Seaber’s proven optimization technology will help develop our logistics and shipping operations,” said Daniel Berndolf, Preem’s manager of shipping, supply and trading. “We are looking to get an extremely fast return on investment that will have a direct impact in reducing Preem’s emissions and costs. Seaber’s software will complement and unite our logistics process by digitalizing our schedule planning.” 

Seaber said it is uniquely positioned to digitally transform the shipping industry and bring down its environmental impact.


In addition to single-cargo voyages, Seaber supports multiparcel and multiport voyages, where unnecessary ballast voyages and low utilization rates are common.


The technology, based on a modern tech stack, integrates seamlessly with existing software solutions such as ERPs and Voyage management systems. 

“Preem’s environmental mission is aligned with Seaber’s values,” said Sebastian Sjöberg, CEO and co-founder of Seaber. “It’s great to be working with a forward-thinking company like Preem that is constantly on the lookout for emerging technologies. With the Seaber solution, Preem will optimize its own shipping operations and also enable a broader network optimization including terminals and shipowners. The contract with Preem is another proof of the value that Seaber can bring to the shipping industry.”


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