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Oregon fuel dealer Carson extends renewable diesel agreement into multiyear contract

Photo: Neste Corp.

Carson, an Oregon-based, family-run fuel dealer for more than 80 years, has parlayed its renewable diesel agreement with Neste Corp. into a multiyear contract.

“Through our partnership with Neste, we’ve hit upon not just a quality fuel that’s good for the environment, but a fuel that is good for our customers’ equipment and fleets as well,” said Jeff Rouse, Carson’s vice president of business development.

Through the renewed, extended agreement, Carson will continue providing its broad government and commercial customer base across the Pacific Northwest with a consistent supply of renewable diesel from Neste.

This new, long-term partnership with Carson is part of our commitment to bring more renewable diesel into Oregon,” said Carrie Song, vice president for renewable road transport for Neste in North America. We are proud to play our part in helping keep the state’s vitally important large, heavy road vehicles—whether they are big rigs, emergency response vehicles or construction equipment—moving with less greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.”

Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program was implemented in 2016 and calls for a 10 percent reduction in carbon intensity of fuels from the 2015 baseline by 2025. In 2021, the policy calls for a 3.5 percent reduction in carbon intensity, up a point from 2020’s 2.5 percent.

The Neste renewable diesel consumed on the West Coast is made from materials such as used cooking oil that is collected from locations across North America. That feedstock is then shipped overseas to Singapore, where it is processed into renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel, and then shipped back to the West Coast as finished fuel.

With humble origins as a Portland-area heating oil provider in 1938, today Carson serves the Pacific Northwest with business and direct-to-consumer products and services in the fuel, lubricant, heating, equipment, trucking and vehicle industries.



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