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Ocean Network Express decarbonizes cargo shipments with marine biofuel

Photo: GoodShipping

Sustainable cargo initiative GoodShipping announced that it has successfully collaborated with leading container shipping liner Ocean Network Express to advance the uptake of biofuel-driven carbon reduction services across the container shipping segment.

In a recent trial with ONE late last year, the 4,803 “20-foot equivalent unit” (TEU) MOL EXPERIENCE was refueled with sustainable marine biofuel at the Port of Rotterdam while carrying cargo for GoodShipping pioneers Dopper, Blygold, Geelen Counterflow, Yumeko, North Actionsports Group, Srface and Zaytoun.

Supplied by GoodShipping’s sister company GoodFuels, the biofuel is a carbon-busting solution that delivers an 80 to 90 percent well-to-exhaust carbon reduction compared to fossil fuel equivalents, and that also eliminates virtually all SOX emissions.

Photo: GoodShipping

By accepting a volume of the sustainable, advanced biofuel on the MOL EXPERIENCE on behalf of GoodShipping’s customers, ONE is enabling a reduction in each cargo owner’s carbon footprint by 100 percent on any given journey. GoodFuels’ biofuel empowers GoodShipping pioneers to achieve a 100 percent well-to-exhaust CO2 reduction and make their overall supply chains more sustainable. This is because the biofuel volume accepted by the MOL EXPERIENCE is equal to the calculated CO2 costs of transporting a cargo owner’s goods. The trial demonstrates ONE’s wider commitment to meeting the IMO’s carbon reductions goals by 2030 and 2050 respectively, while empowering GoodShipping's cargo owners closer to carbon-neutral transportation. With added scrutiny being placed on shippers and cargo owners by consumers making increasingly environmentally conscious purchasing decisions, GoodShipping provides a way to accelerate the fuels transition and decarbonize container shipping. As the world’s first sustainable cargo initiative, GoodShipping facilitates a one-to-one fuel switch from fossil fuel to sustainable marine biofuel on a mass balance basis.

“Shipping needs forward-looking, environmentally conscious companies to help facilitate the shift to alternative fuels as the sector moves towards decarbonization,” said Katarin van Orshaegen, GoodShipping commercial lead. “ONE is a prime example of a container company who shares our goal of changing the way the industry thinks about future fuels. At GoodShipping, we empower the transition to fossil-free transport by enabling cargo owners to switch to advanced biofuel and change the way they do business. We look forward to continued collaboration with ONE and all our partners to advance sustainability in shipping and continue the path towards decarbonization.”

Dopper is one of the cargo owners benefitting from the partnership. “Dopper wants to be a sustainability game changer, and we are extremely proud to be a GoodShipping pioneer,” said Paul Krab, operations manager at Dopper. “GoodShipping enables us to reduce our sea shipping emissions to zero, helping us to achieve our target to be a net-zero company by 2030.” ONE and GoodShipping will continue to work together after the trial, ensuring that all customers are fully supported in their journey to reduce carbon emissions.



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