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New REG awards recognize customers for commitment to biobased diesel

Award winners from Broco Energy and Casey’s General Store accepted their customer awards at a ceremony held March 30. From left, Jeff Stroburg, REG chairman; Bob Kenyon, REG senior vice president of sales and marketing; Robert Leon, Broco Energy; Bobby Brown, Broco Energy; Tony Spuzello, Casey’s General Store; CJ Warner, REG president and CEO. (Photo: Renewable Energy Group Inc.)

Renewable Energy Group Inc. presented its first ever customer awards last week at a private reception held following the company’s launch of its new EnDura Fuels™ product line. These awards were developed by REG as a way to recognize outstanding customers for their business and commitment to the biobased diesel industry.

There are four categories of awards, each focusing on a different customer type including fleets, distributors, retailers and municipalities. Nominations are submitted by REG’s sales representatives, and winners are determined by the sales and marketing leadership team.

“At REG, we are so grateful to each and every one of our customers for trusting us with their business, and helping to create a cleaner world,” said Bob Kenyon, senior vice president of sales and marketing for REG. “We wanted to start this awards program as a way to recognize and celebrate those customers who are going above and beyond in leading the clean energy transition.”

Each category of award and the award winners are as follows.

Sustainable Innovation Fleet Award presented to FedEx Ground. This award recognizes a fleet that has implemented measures to reduce its carbon footprint.

Clean Fuel Now Distributor Award presented to Bretthauer and Broco Energy. This award recognizes distributors that are bringing cleaner fuel now to their customers.

Sustainable Leadership Retailer Award presented to Casey’s. This award recognizes a retailer that is decarbonizing fuel for consumers by offering biofuels throughout its retail network.

Clean Fuel Innovation Municipality Award presented to the City of Des Moines. This award recognizes a municipality that has incorporated biodiesel and/or renewable diesel as part of its integrated energy management approach to bring cleaner fuels to its city.

Through their partnership with REG, these five customers had a combined carbon reduction of 71,734 metric tons in 2021. This is the equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from 178 million miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.



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