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  • Reconciliation Energy Transition Inc.

New partnership to develop renewable diesel, SAF projects in Canada

Reconciliation Energy Transition Inc., with ENGlobal Corp. and Rangeland Engineering Canada Corp., announced a new partnership Nov. 15—Green Energy Transformation Inc.—formed with the objective to develop sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel projects in Canada.

The partnership team draws from significant strengths within each group to create Indigenous partnerships in the energy-transition sector and to bring world-proven expertise and licensed proprietary technology to the delivery of biofuel production facilities that will serve Canada’s emerging renewable diesel and SAF production needs, Reconciliation Energy Transition stated.

The Green Energy Transformation partnership builds on ENGlobal’s participation in a renewable diesel plant project in Kansas, now producing 273,000 gallons per day (gpd) and a 273,000 gpd renewable diesel and SAF project in North Dakota, for which the partnership has completed front-end engineering.

The group is presently conducting feasibility on a proposed, similarly sized SAF production facility on lands located near Calgary, Alberta, Canada, as the anchor facility for a planned Calgary Region Green Energy Industrial Park.

The Green Energy Industrial Park will be developed in proximity to Reconciliation Energy Transition’s East Calgary Region Carbon Sequestration Hub, providing the foundation for biofuels and hydrogen development to serve the region.

“Aviation emissions account for over 10 percent of global transportation emissions and are harder to abate than other modes of transportation,” said Stephen W. Mason, chairman and CEO of Reconciliation Energy Transition. “Sustainable aviation fuel is one of the most promising answers to this challenge, with Alberta and Canada already emerging as leaders. We are excited to be part of accelerating this transformation.”

Reconciliation Energy Transition’s focus is to develop new energy-transition projects founded on material Indigenous equity ownership at the operating level.

The company’s strong engagement platform and governance structure is deeply aligned with its affiliate company Project Reconciliation, whose mandate is to accelerate Canada’s Indigenous generational wealth base where Indigenous people have meaningful oversight and economic participation in Canada’s evolving energy transition and decarbonization economy.

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