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Neste welcomes French government’s decision to approve sale of 100% renewable diesel to general public

Neste welcomed the French government’s decision to approve the sales of transport fuels from 100 percent renewable raw materials such as renewable diesel, also known as HVO100, at fuel stations.


So far, the sales have been limited to logistics companies with dedicated fuel-supply networks.


HVO100 has therefore not been available to the general public.


The decision by the government allows HVO100 fuels, such as Neste’s renewable diesel, to be sold and used unblended in all user segments in France.

“We are very pleased that the French government has decided to approve the sales of transport fuels from 100 percent renewable raw materials, allowing also renewable diesel to be sold at all fuel stations,” said Claudia Stuckmann-Invernizzi, Neste’s vice president of public affairs. “This is a significant step in the fight against climate change and means that in the near future, privately operated vehicle fleets and consumers will be able to use this product and instantly reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions.”

Neste said its commitment to help reducing the transport sector’s emissions was illustrated in November with the signing of agreements with two fuel distributors to sell Neste MY Renewable Diesel in the French market.



Fuels such as Neste MY Renewable Diesel™, produced from 100 percent renewable raw materials, are a ready-to-go solution for emission reductions.


They are widely available and their use helps reduce emissions from the existing fleet of both light- and heavy-duty vehicles in Europe and elsewhere.


They are an essential piece of the sustainable-mobility puzzle. 

By using Neste MY Renewable Diesel, greenhouse-gas emissions can be reduced by 75 percent to 95 percent over the lifecycle of the fuel compared to fossil diesel.


Neste MY Renewable Diesel is fully compatible with all diesel engines and the existing fuel-distribution infrastructure. 

Neste MY Renewable Diesel has a similar chemical composition to fossil diesel, making it a drop-in replacement to this fossil fuel.


It can be used unblended (100 percent concentration) without the need for any changes in the diesel-powered vehicles or their engines.


The use of 100 percent renewable diesel is widely approved by vehicle and engine manufacturers.  

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1 Comment

han gu
han gu
Jul 09

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