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Neste, OK Slurink provide renewable diesel to Scylla’s 40 river-cruise ships in the Netherlands

A Scylla river-cruise ship. (Photo: Scylla)

In a partnership aimed at advancing sustainability in river cruises, Neste and OK Slurink, subsidiary of Catom B.V. and a specialist in bunkering services, have joined forces with Scylla, a provider of river cruises, to supply Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ in the Netherlands for Scylla’s river-cruise operations.


The collaboration, announced in June but ongoing since February, marks a step towards more sustainable practices in inland shipping, especially the river-cruise sector.


OK Slurink will supply Scylla’s 40 river-cruise ships with Neste MY Renewable Diesel, an immediately available solution for reducing greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions.


Made from 100 percent renewable raw materials, the use of Neste MY Renewable Diesel results in up to 75 percent or up to 95 percent reduced GHG emissions over its lifecycle compared to fossil diesel.


“Neste MY Renewable Diesel is an effective and readily available solution for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions,” said Marc Wouters, the sales manager for Neste’s renewable products. “Its production from 100 percent renewable raw materials aligns with our commitment to help our customers reduce their GHG emissions, making the renewable fuel an important solution for making river cruises more sustainable.”


This collaboration also aligns with the immediate need for more sustainable solutions in the river-cruise industry.


Since Neste MY Renewable Diesel has a similar chemical composition to fossil diesel, it is a drop-in solution that can be used in all diesel-powered vessels without the need for investments or modifications to engines or fuel-distribution infrastructure.


“Partnering with Neste and Scylla allows us to make significant strides in our commitment to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions,” said Alwin Slurink from OK Slurink. “The availability of Neste MY Renewable Diesel for river-cruise operations in the Netherlands is a game-changer, aligning with OK Slurink’s sustainability goals.”


Scylla, operating a fleet of 40 ships, recognizes the importance of embracing more sustainable solutions in the river-cruise industry.


“By incorporating Neste MY Renewable Diesel into our river-cruise operations, we are contributing to a more sustainable future,” said Robert Reitsma at Scylla. “The partnership with Neste and OK Slurink signifies a collective commitment to reducing our carbon footprint in the Netherlands.”


This collaboration sets an important precedent for the river-cruise industry to utilize more sustainable alternatives in their operations.


The use of Neste MY Renewable Diesel reduces the environmental impact of river-cruise operations but also showcases the feasibility of adopting more sustainable solutions seamlessly.


Neste said this joint effort sends a clear message to the industry, encouraging a swift and comprehensive shift towards more sustainable and more environmentally responsible river-cruise operations in the Netherlands and beyond.



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