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Nebraska Soybean Board sponsors truck-side campaign promoting biodiesel

Photo: Nebraska Soybean Board

The Nebraska Soybean Board announced Feb. 15 a truck-side campaign promoting the use of biodiesel fuel in the state.

This effort is aimed at raising awareness about a homegrown market and encouraging Nebraskans to ask for it and make the switch to this clean, renewable fuel source.

The campaign will run on select trucks traveling throughout Lincoln, Omaha and along the interstate out to North Platte, reaching a wide audience and spreading the message about the benefits of biodiesel.

The truck-side campaign features eye-catching graphics and messages highlighting the many advantages of biodiesel, including lower emissions, improved fuel lubricity and increased performance.

Biodiesel is made from domestically produced, renewable resources such as soybean oil and offers numerous advantages over traditional diesel fuel.

Not only is it better for the environment, but it also supports local farmers and boosts the state’s economy, adding more than 70 cents per bushel to the value of soybeans and a 4 percent reduction in overall diesel-fuel prices.

“We’re proud to sponsor this important campaign and help raise awareness about one of the many versatile uses of soy,” said Wesley Wach, the demand and utilization coordinator for Nebraska Soybean Board. “We believe that by promoting the use of a product made with Nebraska soybean oil, we can help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and support our local farmers and communities.”

Biodiesel blends can be purchased at more than 40 retail locations in Nebraska and is available for producers to have delivered on-farm. Contact your local fuel supplier about using a blended fuel in your operation.

The Nebraska Soybean Board is dedicated to supporting the state’s soybean farmers and promoting the use of soy-based products, including biodiesel. Learn more about biodiesel at

The nine-member Nebraska Soybean Board collects and disburses the Nebraska share of funds generated by the one-half of 1 percent times the net sales price per bushel of soybeans sold.

Nebraska soybean checkoff funds are invested in research, education, domestic and foreign markets, including new uses for soybeans and soybean products.



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