• Ron Kotrba

National Biodiesel Board to rebrand itself as ‘Clean Fuels Alliance America’

The National Biodiesel Board, the U.S. trade association serving the biodiesel and renewable diesel industry, announced in a member town hall Sept. 7 that it would be changing its name to Clean Fuels Alliance America, part of a larger rebranding effort.

NBB CEO Donnell Rehagen during the member town hall Sept. 7 in which the organization revealed its rebranding effort. (Photo: National Biodiesel Board)

The organization has been working internally on rebranding itself for the past year. The town hall was the first public announcement about the change.

In a LinkedIn post, the organization said to stay tuned for more branding changes in the next few months.

This wouldn’t be the first time the organization has been rebranded. In 1994, the National SoyDiesel Development Board changed its name to the National Biodiesel Board.

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