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Montana Renewables receives ISCC CORSIA certification for sustainable aviation fuel

Montana Renewables LLC, the largest producer of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in North America, announced Aug. 3 that it received its Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation certificate via the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification and as developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The ISCC CORSIA certification is another step in the transformation of the Great Falls, Montana, facility into a premier SAF producer in North America.

“Montana Renewables is the SAF leader in North America and this certification further cements our first-mover status in this business,” said Bruce Fleming, CEO of Montana Renewables.

“The ISCC CORSIA designation is another milestone on our journey as we continue on the path to reduce the carbon footprint of the aviation industry,” Fleming added.

Montana Renewables is currently producing 30 million gallons per year (mgy) of SAF.

The company is working to expand production capacity to approximately 250 mgy by 2025.

In May, Montana Renewables announced an exclusive offtake agreement with Shell Aviation and end-use agreements with Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue.

Montana Renewables is an unrestricted subsidiary of Calumet located in Great Falls, Montana.

Montana Renewables is permitted for 15,000 barrels per calendar day of renewable feedstocks, which are converted into low-emission sustainable alternatives that directly replace fossil-fuel products.

The renewable fuels plant began operations in late 2022.

“As the world recognizes a sustainability responsibility, Montana Renewables is making immediate carbon reductions and stands ready to grow and innovate further,” the company stated. “This business is a leader in North America’s energy transition, with our renewable products being delivered to Canada and the U.S. West Coast.”



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