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Membrane-based technology to purify biodiesel presented at annual AOCS meeting

Next-ChemX Corp.’s chief scientist Nikolai Kocherginsky and chemical engineer Sumukh Metawala gave a presentation entitled “Membrane-Based Oil & Biodiesel Washing” during the 2022 American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) Annual Meeting, held May 1-4 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The presentation was based on patented and proprietary technology assigned to Next-ChemX Corp. Bio-oils and biodiesel require purification, also known as washing, which can be done with Next-ChemX technology in a continuous fast process that does not require mixing. For example, the purified biodiesel would have the following advantages:

  • No glycerol, potassium methoxide, metals, less color, etc.

  • No mixer/settler or centrifugation used

  • No water is accumulated in oil

  • No oil is lost in water

  • No emulsion formation

  • No bleaching earth is required

  • No transmembrane pressure or voltage used

The result is energy savings with a low footprint and much faster economical technology.

Nevada-based Next-ChemX is a technology company preparing to introduce its proprietary, patented novel membrane-based ion-extraction technology that is proven to extract very low concentrations of ions from liquid solutions rapidly and with significantly better economy while reducing the harmful impact to the environment using current processes.

The system uses a unique hollow fiber technology to extract lithium directly from brines, leach solutions, or recycled battery solutions. The extraction process is continuous, proven and can be used for a range of metal ions and radioactive ions. In addition, the system performs exceptionally well and more economically when purifying bio-oils and biodiesel.

The technology is scalable and Next-ChemX is currently developing a modular extraction plant, which would allow for the rapid deployment of an extraction facility and its onsite assembly, even in remote and difficult environments.



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