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Korean firm signs agreement with Topsoe to modularize renewable diesel technology

Photo: GS E&C

South Korean construction and engineering firm GS E&C is working with Denmark-based Haldor Topsoe, now officially named Topsoe, to modularize Topsoe’s HydroFlex™ renewable diesel hydrotreating technology. An agreement between the two companies was signed late last month.

The agreement calls for GS E&C to standardize and modularize the core processes of the HydroFlex™ technology. With information provided by Topsoe, GS E&C will standardize design and construction by “leveraging its know-how accumulated through its execution of large-scale refinery and chemical plant projects, thus enabling cost savings and reduction in construction period,” GS E&C stated. “Plant modularization means that the core plant process units, which must be individually assembled on site, is produced as a standardized module and needs only to be installed on site. It is attracting attention as a technology-intensive ecofriendly plant business.” Together with Topsoe, GS E&C said it plans to enter the global markets for renewable energy and biobased diesel production leveraging green hydrogen and HydroFlex™ plant modularizations through this agreement.



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