• Ron Kotrba

January US biodiesel exports more than triple December volumes; imports down

U.S. biodiesel exports more than tripled in January compared to December, according to trade data from the U.S. Census Bureau. In one month, U.S. biodiesel exports jumped from 9,088.1 metric tons (2.73 million gallons) in December to 31,231.5 tons (9.375 million gallons) in January. Biodiesel imports in January, however, were slightly higher than exports in the same month.

More than 4 million gallons of U.S. biodiesel was shipped north of the border to Canada, which was the largest share of January’s biodiesel exports from the U.S.

Roughly 3.5 million gallons of U.S. biodiesel was shipped to Uruguay in January, while Peru was sent nearly 1.7 million gallons.

Approximately 53,000 gallons went south of the U.S. border to Mexico.

South Korea was sent 43,000 gallons, while Germany, Singapore and Guyana were shipped roughly 31,000 gallons, 12,400 gallons and 2,500 gallons, respectively.

The U.S. imported 32,226.3 tons (more than 9.67 million gallons) of biodiesel in January, down from December’s total of close to 12.3 million gallons. A vast majority of January imports—more than 8.46 million gallons—came from Canada. The U.S. imported more than twice as much biodiesel from Canada in January than it exported there.

The U.S. received nearly 1.2 million gallons of biodiesel from South Korea in January, approximately three times as much as the U.S. sent there that month.

In January, France shipped more than 14,000 gallons of biodiesel to the U.S.

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