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Initial PtL sustainable aviation fuel volumes produced in Canada

The SAF+ Consortium announced Sept. 14 one of the first productions of PtL (power to liquids) sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in North America. Production took place in its pilot factory located at the ParaChem industrial site, east of Montreal, Quebec. By 2025-’26, SAF+ aims to bring to market synthetic kerosene whose carbon footprint is reduced by 80 percent compared to fossil kerosene. The PtL sector consists of producing a synthetic liquid fuel by capturing and combining CO2 from industrial sources to green hydrogen produced in Quebec.

“These first liters of e-fuel represent a historic moment and an important milestone for SAF+,” said Jean Paquin, president and CEO of the SAF+ Consortium. “As the airline industry aims to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce kerosene consumption, SAF + stands out as a pioneer in the field of sustainable aviation fuel in Canada. For us, e-fuel is the way to go in the aviation industry if we want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions substantially.”

Alexandru Iordan, head of operations of the SAF+ Consortium, said, “The PtL path is one of the most promising for the decarbonization of sustainable fuels. By using green hydrogen, it accelerates the development of this important energy sector in the years to come.”

Paquin thanked the consortium members and the governments of Quebec and Canada. “With their support and knowing that the demand for SAF in the aviation industry will almost double every year for the next 30 years, such solutions will position Montreal as a hub for responsible aviation in Canada, thus contributing to an energy transition underway, while helping our governments to achieve their reduction targets in terms of climate change.”

The SAF+ Consortium brings together leading players spanning the entire aviation value chain to provide Canadians with a sustainable business solution for low-carbon flights.



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