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Inaugural bunkering of marine biofuel between Chevron, ONE takes place in Singapore

Photo: Singapore Trade Data Exchange

Singapore Trade Data Exchange announced Dec. 27 that it witnessed the inaugural bunkering of marine biofuel between Chevron and Ocean Network Express Dec. 21.

The transaction, according to Singapore Trade Data Exchange’s Dec. 27 social-media post, involved the transfer of 992.2 metric tons of 24 percent marine biofuel blended with very-low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO) between Chevron Pte Ltd. and the MOL Endowment.

Singapore Trade Data Exchange facilitated the secure exchange of documents via its data highway, including a certificate of quality, bunker delivery note, bunkering sales invoice and other supporting documents such as mass-flow meter receipts and International Sustainability and Carbon Certification.

Representing Singapore Trade Data Exchange was Kelvin Ling Jiehan, head of operations and business development, who joined representatives from Chevron’s fuel-operations team, Ocean Network Express’ sustainability and fuel team, and Lynn Loo, CEO of the Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation.

“Congratulations to Chevron, Ocean Network Express and Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation on the successful transaction, marking an important milestone towards maritime decarbonization,” stated Singapore Trade Data Exchange.



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