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Illinois Soybean Association’s virtual biodiesel experience wins award

Image: Illinois Soybean Association

The Illinois Soybean Association’s Life of Biodiesel 360 Experience took first place in Region IV’s Digital Marketing Tools category at the Best of National Agri-Marketing Association Regional Awards. The biodiesel industry is multifaceted and there are many different players at the table. From the soybean farmer to the processor to the fuel retailer to the truck driver, many different professionals touch this industry to make biodiesel a reality. ISA recognized a need for a communication tool that would tell the entire biodiesel story as an interactive way to immerse all audiences into the lifecycle of biodiesel, and to help each target audience—farmers, biodiesel processors, biodiesel fuel retailers and biodiesel truck drivers and maintenance professionals—understand all facets of the industry. Each of these audiences is pivotal in the production, distribution and end use of biodiesel. The 360-degree biodiesel virtual reality experience tool is designed to show the entire lifecycle of biodiesel, from the field to the end user. There are three main components of the lifecycle represented in the digital tool, including a soybean field, processing plant, and analytical lab. “It’s truly an honor for ISA to be recognized for its digital biodiesel experience with an award of this caliber,” said Elliott Uphoff, ISA District 10 director. “It’s a state-of-the-art virtual reality tool that can be used to inform consumers of not only the process of biodiesel beginning with a soybean plant all the way to the fuel pump, but a way to promote the benefits of the fuel as well.” The Best of NAMA awards program honors the best work in agricultural communications. Made from soybean oil, biodiesel reduces harmful greenhouse gases while also delivering high-quality performance you can trust all year long. Today’s biodiesel offers many benefits for fleets, fuel retailers, drivers and more that it beats out standard diesel by a mile. Some of those benefits include reliable engine performance, economical operation, it’s an all-weather fuel, leaves less of a carbon footprint, creates jobs in Illinois, is made in the U.S. and results in cleaner, healthier air. It’s better for engines, better for economies, and better for the environment.



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