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Illinois B20 biodiesel legislation passes Senate ag committee in unanimous, bipartisan vote

The Illinois State Capitol building in Springfield

B20 legislation passed out of the Illinois state Senate’s Agriculture and Conservation Committee in mid-April with a unanimous and bipartisan vote. SB 2394 is an initiative of the Illinois Soybean Association and would require diesel sold within the state for use in internal combustion engines to be at least 5 percent biodiesel prior to July 1, 2024, and 20 percent after that. Certain exemptions, including for fuel used in locomotives, marine engines and power generation, are allowed.

“The demand for biodiesel is growing quickly, and it’s important that Illinois keeps up,” said state Sen. Patrick Joyce, the bill’s sponsor and state Senate ag chair. “Biodiesel offers environmental and performance benefits, as well as an economic boost for our farmers. Transitioning to biodiesel is not only better for the environment—it also puts money back into local farmers’ pockets. As we invest in greener technologies, it’s important that we find ways to keep Illinois dollars in Illinois.”

ISA noted “It was very encouraging to see It was referred to the Senate Revenue Committee, where it will then be voted on before going to the Senate floor for a vote from the entire body. Then it has to go through the House of Representatives.”

After passing the Senate Agriculture and Conservation Committee, the bill was assigned to the Revenue Committee and the next day was re-referred to the Assignments Committee. ISA says its staff continues to hold meetings with legislators from all over the state to educate them on this important legislation.

The state House has a companion bill, HB229, to the Senate B20 legislation.



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