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Gstaad Palace enters SAF cooperation with Swiss

Photo: Gstaad Palace

Gstaad Palace is Switzerland’s first luxury hotel to commit to purchasing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for all its business flights.

This commitment was implemented in cooperation with Swiss International Air Lines, Switzerland’s largest airline, and represents an important step in the five-star establishment’s sustainability strategy.

Taking responsibility for nature, people and the environment has been part of the palace DNA since the beginning, and the hotel continually evaluates and optimizes the environmental impact of its processes.

Through a new cooperation with Swiss, the five-star establishment will also be reducing the carbon footprint of its business trips in the future.

For all flights with Swiss, the prestigious house will purchase SAF.

“The Gstaad Palace is embedded in a beautiful, intact natural setting which we nurture and maintain,” said Andrea Scherz, third in a successful line of hoteliers to have run the Gstaad Palace. “It’s what makes Gstaad the internationally renowned holiday destination it is today. We want future generations to enjoy this authentic Alpine experience as well, so the issue of sustainability has always been close to our heart. As a conscientious family company, it is more or less part of our DNA. We feel strongly that we will see major technological progress that will help counter climate change. And that’s why we value Swiss’ engagement in driving these developments. To be the first luxury hotel to enter into this kind of commitment and contribute to the development of sustainable aviation fuel—for us it’s a point of honor.” The Gstaad Palace will now purchase SAF for all its business flights on Swiss.

This makes it the first hotel in the premium category to commit to using SAF exclusively.

“The Gstaad Palace and Swiss are both premium brands, both dedicated to the highest level of customer service and sustainability,” said Dieter Vranckx, CEO of Swiss. “I am delighted that this cooperation brings the aspiration of making future travel more sustainable a step closer to fulfilment. With its commitment, the Gstaad Palace is taking an absolute leading role. It is our hope that other companies will follow their example.”

By committing to using SAF, the Gstaad Palace is not just reducing its own carbon footprint, it is also directly contributing to the promotion of sustainable air travel.

Presently, SAF is only available in modest quantities. Swiss has pledged to use SAF and scale up its deployment.

The airline has joined with the Lufthansa Group to promote this technological development by taking part in research and pilot projects.

Swiss and the Lufthansa Group are also targeting private and business customers with SAF offers and entering into strategic partnerships to drive market development.

Through voluntary use of SAF, customers are sending an important market signal to drive production and usage of sustainable fuels.

At present, SAF reduces carbon emissions by 80 percent compared to fossil fuels.

Swiss offers its customers various SAF products for reducing the carbon emissions from their flights.

The idea for this initiative in the uppermost hotel segment of the local tourism industry was inspired by the Swisstainable movement for sustainable travel in Switzerland, which was launched by Switzerland Tourism with the support of the entire Swiss tourism sector.

The Gstaad Palace comes to the program as a dedicated five-star operation categorized as Swisstainable Level I-committed.

“I am pleased to see the commitment of the Gstaad Palace across the whole sustainable travel space,” said Martin Nydegger, managing director of Switzerland Tourism. “These achievements and cooperations motivate the sector throughout the country and act as positive examples.”



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