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Greenarc unveils 1st renewable diesel pump in Lancashire, UK

Photo: Greenarc

Greenarc recently announced the launch of Lancashire’s (in North West England) first hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) pump at its Padiham depot.


To celebrate, it held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and was joined by its customer, Greenhaul, a leading haulage company.


A Greenhaul heavy-duty truck became the first vehicle in Lancashire to be filled with this ecofriendly fuel.


Photo: Greenarc

HVO is a 100 percent renewable diesel that can reduce carbon emissions by up to 90 percent.


“We’re excited to be part of this inaugural moment with Greenarc,” said Michael Pope, operations manager at Greenhaul.

“Having access to HVO via a fuel card is a massive step forward in reducing our environmental impact and perfectly aligns with our commitment to sustainable practices,” Pope added. “We look forward to a continued partnership with Greenarc as we explore even more sustainable transportation options together.”


Greenarc said its commitment to clean energy goes beyond just HVO.


It also worked with LCM Environmental, the company’s fuel-infrastructure partner, to expand its network and include AdBlue, a solution that helps reduce nitrogen-oxide emissions from diesel vehicles.


“The launch of Lancashire’s first HVO pump, alongside the introduction of AdBlue to our network, represents a significant milestone for Greenarc,” said Kevin Jackson, the commercial sales manager at Greenarc who cut the ribbon.

“These developments directly support our mission to ease the world’s journey to clean energy and make it a reality,” Jackson said. “We’re confident that this new infrastructure will empower businesses across Lancashire and the surrounding areas to embrace sustainable fueling options for their transport and operational needs.”


Greenarc said this is just the first step in its journey to create a greener future for Lancashire.


As green-energy specialists, the company offers businesses across the U.K. a range of clean-energy solutions, including bespoke carbon-reduction strategies, ESG reporting, solar PV systems, electric vehicles and charging stations, low-carbon electrical services and heating systems, renewable diesel and carbon-offset fuel cards.



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