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Glomar Offshore to run all North Sea-operated vessels on 20% renewable diesel

Photo: Glomar Offshore

The Netherlands-based Glomar Offshore announced Nov. 1 that a deal has been signed with its longstanding fuel provider Gulf Bunkering to supply all of Glomar Offshore’s North Sea-operated vessels with a 20 percent blend of renewable diesel.

The remainder of the “HVO20” fuel, which stands for 20 percent hydrotreated vegetable oil, is diesel fuel with ChangeXL enzyme technology. The renewable diesel, or HVO, portion of the fuel is made from wastes such as used cooking oil and animal fats.

“Having already reduced our CO2 emissions by 6 percent and our NOx emissions by 16 percent in 2020, Glomar is confident that over the next years, we will further improve our environmental footprint from our operations,” the company stated.

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